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Employer Branding is rapidly becoming a central concept in Talent Management. With the global demand for top talent, organizations are faced with a greater competitive challenge in attracting and retaining their top employees.


Employer Branding provides prospective employees with information on the Culture, Values and Benefits of working for a particular organization. It is the Brand of your Organization.















A well executed Employer Branding program will differentiate the employer from the competition and enables the organization to become an Employer of Choice.


Employer Branding addresses the Employee Experience from pre-recruitment to post-employment. The challenge of Employee Branding is to go beyond promoting the organization as a highly desirable place to work and follow through with ensuring that all facets of the work experience support and strengthen the Employer Branding.


An effective Employer Branding enables the organization to focus on their Employee Value Proposition in their recruitment campaigns.


Fortner Consulting will partner with you to evaluate your Culture, Mission and Goals to create a realistic and measurable Employer Branding program to enable you to attract, retain and develop the best talent to meet your strategic objectives.


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