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Organizations conduct Employee Surveys to gain an understanding of employee attitudes and engagement, teamwork, company culture, management performance, and communication. 














Management needs the opinions of the work force to identify areas for improvement and conducting a survey provides management with the insight necessary to tweak the organization’s health towards improved productivity and employee satisfaction. 


Employee Surveys allow the organization to:

  • focus on areas for improvement and provide priorities for those areas

  • establish a benchmark for organizational improvement and measure progress towards it

  • change processes and practices that are redundant and ineffective within the organization

  • engage employees in the process of running the business by encouraging their participation in the survey resulting in focused corporate initiatives

Success criteria
The key success factors associated with quality Employee Surveys are: 

  • focus on areas for improvement and provide priorities for those areas

  • involving all staff in the process

  • ensuring the questions asked are both comprehensive but understandable by the employee base

  • communicating the purpose, handling and outcome of the survey

  • ensuring senior management cooperation and support

  • allowing confidentiality and anonymity to participants of the survey

  • providing results and management feedback on the survey results in a timely manner

  • provide action steps as a result of the survey to the employee base acting on the results

Areas to Survey
A typical employee survey should focus on employee satisfaction and engagement and provide insight into areas for improvement.  Typical focus areas are as follows:

  • Communication

  • Corporate Culture

  • Management Behaviour

  • Career Development

  • Training & Development

  • Teamwork and interdepartmental relationships

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Employee Commitment / Engagement


Fortner Consulting will work with your organization to identify the key areas to survey based on your business model, industry and demographics of your employees. 


Our Employee Survey solutions are web-based and offer your organization and its employee base total confidentiality and anonymity.


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